- Who We Are? Why Choose us? -


Who We Are


We are a 100% Australian-owned trading business located in central Perth, Western Australia. 


We are your personal shoppers! Not only do we offer an online store introducing international customers to high quality products, but we also consider ourselves the trust-worthy representative for our customers who have limited time and product knowledge to locate and purchase the right products for them. We are our customer's representative, personal shopper and product-knowledge provider.


Whilst the majority of products are Australian-made we offer selected items manufactured in the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom and France. All products comply with those countries' Health and Safety standards and gain an Australian approval to be sold in the market.


We aim to deliver these products directly to customers worldwide; this is a great benefit for those who have limited time for shopping and logistics.


We're focused on customer satisfaction and fully dedicate ourselves to ensuring customers receive all information about the products before making any purchasing decision. Our beauty therapists and consultants are available to answer questions about products via online chat room, telephone (Viber), Whatsapp, i-message, facebook message, twitter, instagram and email. In addition, we  liaise with the product manufacturers as needed to provide full information to our customers. 


We value our customers' health and well-being. We aim to build a long-term relationship with customers through our business values, "place the benefits of the customers above the company's profits!" as our founder's fundamental commitment.

Why Choose Us?


We are living in the world full of misconceptions and confusion about the origin and quality of beauty and health products everywhere.  Part of the blame lies with business people, traders and manufactures who have made and traded products with their focus only on profits. Low-cost inputs without consideration of high quality output has brought them high revenues often at the expense and frustration of the customer.


Driven by a desire to compromise to make profit, money is often the main objective! We have witnessed some parts of the world in which local people even are not sure whether the fruits are safe to eat. How sad! 


With first-hand experience of this situation, we decide to set up an online business to help remove this uncertainty from honest people who want an honest product. We do this simply by introducing high quality products to international customers!


We intend to build a long-term relationship with customers based on our integrity. The products introduced on these pages are all of a high quality with trust-worthy suppliers based on our experience and an understanding of the origin of the products. We know and trust the manufacturers.


We are not competing with other sales traders. Our goal is to bring high quality, reputable products directly into the hands of customers where-ever they may be located. This will especially resonate with customers who have concerns or bad experiences related to the quality of the products in their local markets.


Due to the responsibility and a promise to only introduce good quality products to customers, we only display here on our website a limited list of the products that we are sure are safe based on our experience and knowledge. We will continue to learn and enhance our lists whenever we trust that those products are valuable.