Clinically proven treatment for fading age spots 
pigmentation on the face to reveal clearer, more 
youthful skin

Brown skin blemishes and freckles occur when 
pigmentation has resulted from the influence of 
sun exposure, 
hormonal variation or skin type. Melanocytes in 
the epidermis 
produce melanin as a natural defence to protect 
skin against UV 
rays.However, repeated or heavy exposure to UV-B rays 
can make the 
melanocytes lose their ability to distribute 
pigmentation evenly, 
so that dark spots appear on the skin, commonly 
referred to as 
age spots.

Superfade Face Cream contains a powerful 
pigmentation fading 
agent to assist in fading brown skin blemishes and 
Also contains exfoliant and sunscreen. 

Proven to fade pigmentation
Contains the same exclusive, powerful fading agent 
Superfade Original to stop the formation of excess 
pigment, as 
well as exfoliant and sunscreen. Fades age spots, 
freckles and 

Superfade Face Cream 40ml