Top selling Australian product for stopping smoking.If you've struggled to leave cigarettes behind in the past, there's a good reason to feel confident this time because Nicabate[R] PRE-QUIT presents a different approach. Nicabate[R] PRE-QUIT lets you ease into quitting by allowing you to smoke for the first two weeks whilst wearing the patch before you give up all your cigarettes. Nicabate[R] PRE-QUIT lets you prepare physically and mentally for quitting, giving you a better chance of success when using patches than abrupt quitting.

Nicabate[R] PRE-QUIT patches can help you to gradually cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke over 2 weeks until you reach your quit date. Nicabate[R] PRE-QUIT patches release a steady stream of therapeutic nicotine so you may feel less inclined to smoke, which can help you to gradually cut down. After the 2 week PRE-QUIT period you begin the 10-week patch step-down program to help you work towards quitting.

Nicabate[R] is a stop smoking ai

Nicabate Patch Pre-Quit 21mg 14 Day

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