Lalisse Moisture Rich Hydrating Masque (3pcs): 
>Natural Skincare for Dry & Sensitive Skin
>Deeply replenishes skin
>Smoothing & hydrating
>Promotes skin cell rejuvenation
LALISSE Skin Solutions are based on ancient and secret Oriental Court recipes over one hundred years old and are a union of the mystery of the orient and modern cosmetic technology. Lalisse offers skin care systems that actually work.
The Lalisse Moisture Rich Hydrating Masque nourishes thirsty skin and alleviates fine lines and dryness. The natural water-soluble ingredients deeply replenish skin with moisture instantly and promote skin cell rejuvenation. Skin texture will be improved significantly. It is an intensive and relaxing treatment for the skin. Leaves skin soft, smooth, hydrated and supple. DIRECTIONS
Apply the onto masque the cleansed face
Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes
Remove it and massage lightly until the essence is absorbed
Recommended to use 2 to 3 times a week
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Lalisse Moisture Hydrating Masque 3pcs

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