We believe nature gives us the most beautiful natural ingredients to live a beautiful life.
Green Valley is originated from the pure and natural environment in Australia. Inspired by our passion for nature, we carefully select the quality raw ingredients worldwide and make it becomes reachable to our user and you will be delighted to bath in the fountain of nature
Fruit Temptation From beautiful flower to fruit, emerging infinite vitality.
“Green Valley Fruit Collection” is inspired by fruit of full vitality. Each product has its individual favor, providing ultimate nourishment to the skin. Use day and night, let your skin to bath in a million fruit essence. This collection is enriched by Australian lanolin cream, bringing the nourishment to the highest level, leaving you a refined, moisturized and velvety skin!

With UV A/B Sun Protection Formula contains Pomegranate Seed Extract, CoQ10 and Vitamin E

Green Valley Antioxidant Moisturiser