Green Valley Age Radiance Moisturizer  50g
Pearl Extract, Caviar Extract, EGF, CoenzymeQ10, Collagen
Green Valley Age Radiance Moisturiser is a patented whitening formula combine’s unique, ‘super active’ marine enzymes of Pearl and Caviar with the added anti-ageing abilities of EGF, collagen bio-peptides and advanced free radical scavenger of CoQ10. This versatile facial moisturizer helps to reduce the signs of ageing; visibly reduces the appearance of freckles and blemish and prevents the breakdown of collagen by supporting optimal cell function.
• Boosts the skins moisture level
• Promotes a natural healthy skin glow
• Maintains a radiant and silky smooth skin
DIRECTIONS: Use a small amount of the cream after using the serum. Smooth over your face and neck till thoroughly absorbed.

Australian- made

Age Radiance Moisturizer 50g

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