Our Core Values

1. Integrity: We won't sell to you a product and/or service that we do not believe in or unsure of its quality. We won't sell you a product and/or service that we don't think will work for you. We seek to build a lasting relationship with our customers. We cannot achieve this by mis-selling products or services! Our business actions should never be at the expense of others but rather mutual benefits are created.


2. Honesty: We introduce customers only to high quality products with which we have experience and knowledge. Using our online chat, viber, whatsapp, facebook messaging, email, we can connect directy to our customers to discuss  all aspects of the products in order to help them to make an informed decision whether to buy. We are ready to advise customers not to buy products if we don't believe there is a benefit.


In addition, we employ a return and refund policy according to Australian trading regulations.


3. Care: Our focus on customer satfisfaction is where we believe we can differentiate ourselves. In fact, this business exists because of our own frustrations in sourcing legitimate, high quality products and services!


4. Efficiency: We make a commitment to offer highest quality products and services while maintain lowest possible costs, and keep consumption of resources at the lowest level.


5. Generosity: Running a business for a purpose! We are commited to use 2% of our profits to support the less-fortunate people, especially the orphans and thoses in the remote areas in VietNam. In addition, our team is commited to set up a not-for-profit website in order to raise funds to support to transform lives.


6. Innovation with a purpose: We continue to learn and adapt to new technology and trends in our business for the benefit of others in society.