We are here to exceed our customers' expectations in consumer care. Our mission is to be the company sought out by people who cannot find a reliable source for beauty consulting and delivering quality products.


We play our role in strengthening your health, self-esteem and overall confidence and believe we play our part in the development of the economy and society.


We assist a less-fortunate population and transform lives as our founder has done to the people in Viet Nam. We are here to plant the seed of hope into under-privileged young people regardless of background. Dreams can come true if you believe!

We treat our employees the best just like the way we wish them to treat our customers. We value and make sure every employee is a significant part of the company! Every 24hbeautian shares our mission, vision and goals together. 


                                        Just because we're 24hbeautians


                                                          Lien Thi Mai