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Maximum White Facial Cream is a special cream designed to help lighten your skin for the long time, reduce freckles, pigmentation, discolouration and even your skin stone. Maximum White Facial Cream is an anti-ageing cream that helps rejuvenate your skin, smoothen your skin and leaving your skin a radiant look.  

The Australian government demands strict health and safety standards for its beauty & skin care products. All  of our products adhere to these standards.  Australian-made body lotion is designed to help lighten your skin, reduce pigmentation and discolouration on your skin while nourishes and moistures your skin leaving your skin rejuvenated and youthful. It's a radiant look! 

Dermalyana Perfect Skin Serum has triple anti-ageing effect, which is absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, nourishes the skin from inside out, leaving it smooth, tighten and silky touched. The serum has triple whitening effect as well as anti-ageing effect. It helps prevent the skin from forming pigmentation from tyrosinase step. 

This unique serum is an innovative anti-ageing formula and whitening ingredients that are kind and effective to the skin. 


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