- Liên Rogers -

Do you know my business is inspired by the women I've met in my life?

  • Bachelor of Education - Viet Nam

  • Bachelor of Commerce, double-majoring in Economics & Finance - Australia

  • MBA - Australia

  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy in Australian College of Beauty Therapy

  • Graduated Certificates in Perth College of Beauty Therapy 

  • Graduated Certificate in UK Beauty School

  • Dermal Science/Therapy - ACCDS -Australia 

The Founder


The company was founded by Lin Thi Mai at the end of 2013 . Lien, 11th child in her family, was raised in a countryside village in central Vietnam, an environment damaged by natural disaster, war and inflicted by poverty. Despite this, she saw potential in everything around her.


She started trading in the local market when she was 9 quickly establishing herself as the "entrepreneur" in the family. Throughout this period she refused to succumb to the inertia of poverty. She funded herself through a university degree in Da Nang making ends meet by working multiple jobs from washing dishes in restaurants to a home-tutor for high school students.


Just as her incredible energy and focus appeared to be paying off, something unexpected happened that would change her forever. Working and studying full time, she was happy for the stability of a place to stay - a room to study offered by a family friend. But even that was taken away as she was inexplicably asked to leave one night. The hopelessness of walking the streets of Da Nang alone after midnight looking for somewhere to stay only served to further strengthen her resolve.


Lien finished her degree, worked in hospitality industry in Da Nang before moving to Saigon and worked in the hotel business for several years rising to sales manager in one of the biggest five star hotels in Vietnam, Windsor Plaza Hotel Saigon. Then Lien left hotel business and started to join fashion industry as a business owner, ran a hair & beauty salon business in Saigon when she got her big break: the opportunity to own and run a long-term stay mini-hotel in Saigon with 25 rooms and apartments. In this she successfully competed with the local established real estate businesses! Lien traded land and other real estate products and services under her own company, Mai Lien Real Estate Co., Ltd before moving to live in Perth, Australia.


In 2007, Lien visited Australia for the first time but until 2009, she decided to live in Australia to pursue further education and business opportunities. Managing to work full time and study full time for a commerce degree, double-majoring in economics and finance in the University of Western Australia, Lien's boundless energy remains intact. In addition, she also graduated from Australian College of Beauty Therapy, Perth College of Beauty Therapy, UK Beauty School and worked part time as a Skin and Beauty Therapist in Australia and finishing her MBA degree in Australia. 


During this time 24hbeauty was born as the realisation that honest Vietnamese folks often received substandard products from dis-honest, greedy traders.


"You can take the girl out of her country but you can never take the country out of the girl!". Throughout her life, Lien has never forgotten her roots in Viet Nam. She loves her native country and always wants to give something back. The starting point was her family. After being successful in business, she built a house for her parents and provided career opportunities for her family members despite challenging circumstances.


She now finds herself reaching further to help others in society. Her dream is helping others to build confidence and to improve general well-being with high quality health and beauty products and service with the commitment to provide 2% of profit to help orphans and young children have opportunity to go to school.  


We hope that you can connect with Lien's dream and share the benefits of her amazing story.